I just wanted to say Thank You for being available to tutor Miranda in her College Chemistry Class. Your availability was crucial a couple of times when Miranda was made aware from her professor that a test was the next day, and you came through for her and helped her tremendously. You will be happy to know that she passed with a B in her class. She is super excited and so am I. Miranda has a younger sister and if she needs any Math or Chemistry tutoring in the near future, I will certainly be emailing you.

      Thank you again for all your help!!!

— Susan S.


      I wanted to say thank you VERY MUCH for helping Josh with chemistry and algebra.  He scored high enough on both exams to bring his final, yearly grade up to a C.  I know that a C is not as good as an A or B, but, considering his previous exams, it is a definite improvement!

      I believe his final grade would have been an F or possibly a D without tutoring.  So, once again, thank you so much.

— A. L.

Dear Eric,

      Thank you for the help that you were able to provide for my son, Brandt, when he was making a difficult transition mid-year.  I know that your assistance was invaluable.

      Thank you again for being such a big help and I look forward to using your services in the future for my younger son and stepson.

— Allison S.

      Eric tutored my 11 year old son in math.  He helped Brady pull his math score up an entire letter grade!  He was very patient with Brady and helped Brady arrive at the solution by himself — giving him the understanding to solve the problems without giving him the answers.  We have used other tutors in the past and never had the success we had with Eric.  I would highly recommend him!

— L. E.

      Eric has been tutoring our son for the past few months and we find him to be very competent.  He is patient, thorough and encouraging, and makes sure that the material is understood and the student can do the work on their own.  We are extremely pleased with his service.

— Linda S.

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