Research & Writing

Research & Writing

Confessional Jurisdiction (pdf)

Research paper on supplied jurisdiction for traditionalist priests. Concludes that confessional jurisdiction is not supplied outside of danger of death. Includes detailed replies to many common objections.

Baptism of Desire and Blood

Demonstration that baptism of desire and blood are Catholic doctrine, unanimously held by Catholic pastors and doctors for centuries.

Sources on heresy and the pope heretic question (pdf)

Collection of quotations on the nature and effects of heresy, and on the pope heretic question. Includes links to original sources.

On heresy — against Salza & Siscoe (pdf)

Defense of the view that heresy can be manifest / public / notorious before a declaration, and this results in automatic loss of ecclesiastical office and of ordinary jurisdiction. Also argues that Bellarmine’s fifth opinion on the pope heretic question is automatic loss of office before any declaration.

Reply to Fr. Cekada on jurisdiction (pdf)

Research reveals that Fr. Cekada’s sources for his article “Traditional Priests, Legitimate Sacraments” do not support his argument, and finds problems with his article “Home Alone?”

Quotations on Apostolicity (pdf)

Collection of quotes that discuss the Church’s apostolicity of origin, doctrine, and ministry.

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