About Eric Hoyle

About Eric Hoyle

Tutoring Experience

      I have been tutoring since 2008.  I’ve worked with over 300 students, principally on these subjects:

Math, grades 9 and up2000+ hours
Math, grades 4 to 8  800+ hours
Chemistry  500+ hours
Test prep — mostly SAT  600+ hours

Academic Info

  • I entered UNC-Chapel Hill with 62 hours of credit from my high school work, and graduated in 2003 with a B.A. in Music, Chemistry minor, and coursework equal to an English minor.
  • I taught chemistry at South River High School in Edgewater, MD.  My AP Chemistry students, mostly 10th graders, all passed the AP exam.


      I approach life with gratitude and optimism. I’ve been greatly blessed, in that God created me out of nothing, paid the price for my sins, and founded the Roman Catholic Church by which to teach and guide humanity to a happy eternity in Heaven. The practice and study of religion is the most important thing to me; some of my work along those lines is on my Research and Writing page.

      I am a Winston-Salem native. My hobbies are music, piano, reading, and trying not to lose all semblance of physical fitness.

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