Homeschool help

Homeschool help

I am now offering an on-call tutoring service for homeschooled students ages 13 and up. I’ll be in touch with the student by phone, email, text, and/or videoconference, in order to:

  • answer subject matter questions
  • check the student’s work
  • help with choosing curriculum

My role is not to teach new material, but rather to help when the student gets stuck or needs more explanation of difficult concepts. I can help with most subjects, including the more difficult ones like math, science, and Latin.

Another benefit of this service is to help with planning, organization, and consistency, so that progress is being made every day and every week. Working with a live person often gives a boost to motivation and energy; humans are social creatures and we tend to flourish with positive human interaction.

The price is $100/month for the first 10 hours of my time, which can be a mix of scheduled sessions and spur-of-the-moment contacts. I’m happy to communicate with parents as well as the student. Additional time after the first 10 hours costs $10/hour to be paid at the end of the month.

Because this is a new service, I am offering the first month FREE. That will help me figure out what works best for me and for the students, as far as scheduling, means of communication, subject matter, etc. There is no obligation to continue after the free month. Space is available for new students to begin now.

If you like this idea, please share it with friends and family. Whatever you think, you can let me know using this form:

I can work with whatever curriculum the student is using, or I can suggest my own favorite materials, most of which are free. Here is my High School Curriculum guide.

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