Homeschool help

Homeschool help

I am offering an ongoing on-call tutoring service intended for homeschooled students ages 13-18. I’m available to work with the student by phone, email, text, and videoconference, in order to:

  • answer subject matter questions
  • check the student’s work
  • help with choosing curriculum

This is intended for high school students who need more help than most parents have the time or ability to provide. I have extensive experience tutoring high school students in math, and I’m familiar with high school science, Latin, music, Spanish, and of course English and religion.

My plan is to charge a $250 monthly fee for approximately 15 total hours of my time, partly scheduled and partly when the student needs it. How much time is needed may vary quite a bit from student to student; that remains to be seen.

I would like to find some students to give this service a try, so I can figure out what works best for me and for the students, as far as scheduling, means of communication, subject matter, etc. As of now, I have slots available for $100/month for your first month. If you are interested for a child of yours, please let me know.

If you like this idea, please share it with your friends. Whatever you think, you can let me know using this form:

I can work with whatever curriculum the student is using, or I can suggest my own favorite materials, most of which are free. Here is my High School Curriculum guide.

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