French Curriculum

French Curriculum

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Language Learning in GeneralDescriptions

French Content – Level 1

Alice Ayel, Baby Stageweb1web2web3LingQ
Alice Ayel, Les choses de la vieLingQ
Alice Ayel,
Comment acquérir le Français naturellement

French Content – Level 2

Catéchisme de Saint Pie Xweb1web2pdf-Tmp3LingQ
Esprit du Curé d’Arswebpdf-Tmp3LingQ
La Sainte Bible

French Reference

Pronunciation Guideweb png
Bantam French & English DictionaryBookfinder
French Dictionary?web
English-French dictionary?web

French Grammar

basic grammar?pdf
Barcharts French Grammar notesAmazon Bookfinder

French Content – Level 3

Henri Lasserre, Bernadettewebpdf-Ppdf-T
Ste. Thérèse de Lisieux, Histoire d’Une Âmewebpdf-Ppdf-Taudio
Charles Dickens, Un Chant de Noëlwebaudio

French Curriculum Notes

  • Level 1 is beginner, level 2 is intermediate, level 3 is advanced. It’s best to move up to level 2 as soon as possible, even before it feels comfortable.
  • pdf-P is a digitized pdf made from a printed book
  • pdf-T is a pdf generated from a text document
  • If the “web” location has a downloadable pdf-P, a separate link is usually not posted here.
  • LingQ is a huge help at the beginner and intermediate levels, and is free to use with limited functionality. More info on LingQ.
  • There is no plan to make audios or LingQ courses for level 3 content. If a pdf-T is available, you can import that into LingQ as your own private course.

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